Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bald Identity

A bald move

Day + 10 Health Score 66

Today was definitely better than yesterday. Let me explain, "No there is no time, let me sum up"

My kidney function is improving and they are working overtime

I woke up hungry for the 1st time in a week, I attacked the can of Strawberry Ensure that had been sitting on my table for 3 days.

I felt strong enough to get out of bed on my own and proceeded to take the first of two long, hot showers. As I washed my face, I noticed hair on my washcloth and wondered how it got there, immediately realizing that it was coming from my head. Then returning to bed I discovered the telltale 'pelo on the pillow' It was time for action. I was able to schedule an emergency hair appointment with my stylist, Evan. And as we all know, even with a menacing asteroid hurtling toward the earth; you never cancel a hair appointment!

My physical therapist came by and had me walk 12 laps around my room and then 15 minutes on the bicycle.

By then, my sister, Leslie, had returned with a pint of Ben and Jerrys Phish Food; my favorite ice cream. It was heavenly.

How could I go from my lowest point ever to such improvement in one day? Prayers are answered in many ways. My Dr, Dr Arai, was very concerned with some of my complications as atypical. She had read a paper written by My Dr. Dr Lacey at the Mayo Clinic describing these unusual symptoms in amyloidosis patients. She called Dr Lacey and they had found that steroids, specifically Solumedrol (one of my least favorite drugs) had shown improvement in both the lung and gut bleeding complications. One dose was all it took. What value there is in the combined wisdom of so many people.

Since my lungs had shown so much improvement on my CT today, the pulmonologists have cancelled the bronchoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. All that's left to wait for is for my new bone marrow to wake up and start making white cells...........You will never believe what just happened I stopped writing for a moment to speak to my doctors and I spoke with Sam and Michelle, as they called to see how I was doing. The nurse then came in and casually said I just got your labs back and they've improved. I was not prepared for what she said next, "Your white count is 0.4" I was stunned. That means I am engrafted. The stem cell transplant was a success. You can't imagine my relief. I felt like I should add 10 points to my health score and call it '76'. Now all that is left is to continue getting healthy. Why am I so blest? Why am I so loved? This is a gift that I can never repay.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my strong, shared heart.



Barbie said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin, you are so brave! You are my hero! Thank you for all the updates. It helps me to understand what I'm going to be faced with. Well its not fair to say I'm glad you went first, but can I be truthful, I'm glad you went first. You are a doctor and you have the ability to speak up and you know how your body should feel. I am totally clueless to things like how my body should feel when my blood pressure drops like yours did. I just hope that the doctors work through these complications and have it together before I'm there. I pray for you each and every day, that it will go smooth for you. I think you are on your way up!!! It only gets better now!! I love the bald head, we will have to compare heads. Be strong and healthy! love, Debbie Douglas

Anonymous said...

Solumedrol (one of my least favorite drugs)

I hAve to agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

yayy on a better day :)

Still praying

Anonymous said...


OK.......Now we can start thinking about celebrating, great news. Keep up the great work.

Susan Hollingsworth

Patty Kuntzmann said...

Kevin ~ That is great news!!! Hang in there and keep getting better. Can't wait to see you all and celebrate you getting to go home :)
Patty & family

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's great news!
Looks like an upcoming movie might be in the works.
"Tree Man On The Mountaintop"

Nice haircut! The hairstylist at SMC does wonders for us guys.

For you shall go out with joy,
And be led out with peace;
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12

Abundant blessings on you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jesus!

Scott, Tauna and Camille said...

Oh Kevin! As I write this, the tears are brimming my eyes and spilling over! I am so grateful that you are on the upswing. You're such an example and dear friend! You deserve all the glorious better days ahead of you. I'm overjoyed to hear the good news! WAHOOOOOOOO! The prayers will keep coming! We love you. Take care.

rachelle said...

Kevin and Barbie,
Great news! This news made my day...week....Year! We love you guys! And Kevin, Bald is in! You look great!
Lots of love.
See you soon,

Greg Barme said...

Love the Princess Bride referral. I am working my way backward through your blog. My patients can wait a few minutes. Oh, wait, maybe they can't. That's one of the main points of the contents of your blogs, isn't it?