Thursday, March 28, 2013

All Things Being Equal

I am fascinated with words, even more so with phrases. I wonder how they get crafted and adopted. All things are rarely equal. But it helps to attempt equality when deciding between things. Currently all things are going well, and yet they aren't. I am reminded of this in the blog post that Rebecca so courageously shared yesterday about dealing with a miscarriage. a-wretched-life
I am proud of Rebecca and Jason for their faith and perseverance. We so love our children and want them to be happy. But there will always be days that are sad.
I continue to do extremely well with my health. No changes of note. I still get Velcade weekly along with my Decadron. There are, however, some promising new drugs on the horizon that may change the course of my disease. I will keep you updated. Work is going well and I will be working with Kaiser to develop a video for patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. I wrote the script and will be in front of the camera. I'm trying to lose 10 lbs so that I look better on computer screens around Northern California.
Barbie has been working consistently in temporary positions as an RDH and is considering some more permanent options. She is a great hygienist.
We recently returned from a very romantic cruise to the eastern Caribbean. We visited Turks and Caicos, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St Thomas and a private island that Holland America owns called Half Moon Cay. We had such a relaxing week with 7 days of no cell phones, no Internet and no schedule. The sea was a beautiful clear turquoise, the water was warm and the few fish that we saw enough to say we snorkeled.

Half Moon Cay
The basement of the Provo house was finally finished and Caitlin and  Ben moved in on Monday. It is not a typical BYU basement apartment. Barbie's friend, Wendy Ormsby is an interior designer and, working with her contractor, Jeremy Brown, were able to take Barbie's vision and create a wonderful 'space'. Caitlin is delighted to have a little more room for her womb as she is now in her 17th week and wants to nest. Once I get the before and after shots of the basement, I'll post them.
With the book done and a grandchild on the way, my previous bucket list had officially expired. While watching the ocean from our stateroom balcony I penned a new one. It has some fun stuff like reading Dickens, learning French, doing a culinary experience in St Helena, CA and riding the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul.
I hope to continue writing, both here on our blog and other places as well. Maybe if the prostate cancer video plays well, I might get a call from Kaiser Hollywood.