Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Changes, for some

July and August certainly see some changes for our children. Jeremy and Alexandria move to Phoenix next week to start school at Midwestern School of Osteopathic Medicine. They have bought a nice home in Glendale near the school, (with a pool) which will give Bridgit a place to play and an unlimited source of water.
Samuel and Michelle soon after move to Happy Valley, State College, PA. As part of his masters in acoustical engineering he has to get security clearance from the Navy as his research will be partially funded by them. So if you get a call; say nice things.
Jeremy and Samuel have listed their heart and soul on Internet ad sites as they sell "the buggy". They began welding and building/rebuilding buggys when they were 15. Now, as they part ways, they couldn't 'part' the buggy; hence, it must be sold. A ride in it is truly an exhilarating and terrifying experience.
Rebecca is currently studying graphic design as a tool to help in her advertising and marketing career. They love Denver, but we miss them. Jason starts school there in September.
Caitlin leaves the nest empty in August (as a tear rolls down) We will dearly miss her. she works everyday to prepare for the pursuit of her passion, music. She is composing and recording songs.
Our friends the Hinsons left two weeks ago as he begins his command at the Pentagon (He is a U-2 Pilot.) Our friends the Hargadons leave in 4 hours to move to Utah. He designed this blog three years ago today. We will miss them both. They were there for us in tough times.
Barbie will be halfway done with school in August. She is dedicated, determined and drained.
Me, well not much is changing and that is fine with me. I love my job, I love my calling at church and I love my wife. I hope none of this changes for a long time. Some say change is the only constant; some say change is good. Others are terrified of change. I say change is only a minor event in the infinite universe controlled by balance. Balance is the key to everything. More on that later.