Saturday, July 10, 2010

The other side of sacrifice

If I were to guess my health score today it would be... Wait, I don't have to guess, it is whatever I say it is. Today I am a 92. This is the 4th day in a row that I have been a 92. I find that quite nice.  As recent as Monday the 21st of June I was a paltry 62. They was a rough day in the operating room. When I am above 90 I wouldn't even know that I was ever sick without referring to my medical records (although twice daily my medicine holders indicate something is amiss) This is life off chemo.
When I was young, I was taught that sacrifice means giving up something you really want today for a reward of great value later. I have personally practiced this principle since I was eight and became a Christian. My teachers were right.
I can imagine someone out there contemplating whether they should have a heart transplant, or maybe even considering a bone marrow transplant. Others might recoil at the idea of what they would have to give up by getting chemotherapy. In each situation you give up something today (feeling well, not feeling pain) with the hope of something better, i.e - a future. Well, today is the other side of sacrifice. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Yes, I know that next month when I get my chemo again, I'll be sick. But, if that means more days like today, bring it on.
For those of you who are generally healthy, this is what you feel like every day. PPPLLLEASE enjoy it!
Let go and soak it all in. Smile at everyone and have fun. Just because you are sixty doesn't mean you can't still run through the sprinkler.
Can you let go of something you really want for the hope of something greater?