Friday, March 20, 2009


Since arriving here in Stanford on Wednesday, Kevin hasn't felt great.  I read his blog from yesterday and since he is a doctor and his mind is lucid, he wrote in that factual matter.  The events of the day were nothing like a "matter of fact" day.  When you're faced with the unknown of what is happening, the minutes seems like hours and the hours seems like days. 

Kevin loves to talk so I know when he is not talking that he is not well.  He slept most of the day between all the vital checks and doctor visits.  It took great energy to sit up.  His hematocrit was 23, blood pressure low, dizzy, low urine output, numb, and spiked a fever; all of these are major concerns with a person whose white blood cell count is .02.  (correction .2). He received 2 units of blood which gave him his color back and hopefully will help his urine output.  The 4 L of fluid they gave him seemed go somewhere, just not to his urine.  It looked to me like it was mostly in his belly.  He since has been moved back to a telemetry room to receive dopamine, a drug to help his heart keep up with these fluid shifts.  I think today he will be on the mend.


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