Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hard Day

Day+ 5 Health Score 61

Morning is difficult. My throat swells over night and it is like someone closed the drawbridge; nothing passes. Talking hurts and swallowing really hurts. I was able to drink a can of Ensure. I hope this can keep me off IV nutrition (TPN). Its hard to get out of bed, but the best remedy fro all of the above is a hot shower. That was revitalizing. Since my white cell count is now 0.5 K I am officially 'neutropenic' and confined to my room until further notice.
Steve Hargadon came and visited me last night and brought me Hagaan Daz mango sorbet. It was so good. He had called me while he was travelling here and asked if my hair had started falling out. I told him that it started falling out 15 years ago, but that I would finish the job this week.



Anonymous said...

Even when your feeling like poop you still made me laugh!!
Hang in there, your almost over!!
It will all be worth it.


Emma and Dan said...

I love the humor!

I wish we were close so that I could bring little Elena by to say hello.

Yesterday I was looking through pictures from our trips to Utah and California and I realized that she has met everyone in your family now! I'm so glad about that. You'll have to take bring Barbie out here to visit soon. We can go to Biltmore and hike Stone Mountain (which is probably a hill by the standards out West).

Wendy said...

Al and I think Mango Sorbet is the best treat out there! SO GOOD. Wish we were closer so that we could bring you treats, too!

Kristin said...

Kevin and Barbie,
I went to dinner with your beautiful daughters last night. I would love to know your parenting secrets! I hope and pray that my daughter grows up to be as delightful and well-mannered as your girls. I am sure you are proud of them! We had a great time, and I can't wait to get to know them better!

Anonymous said...
Thursday, Mar. 19
I am, therefore I thank.
Cindy Lubar Bishop

Unknown said...


I'm sorry you're feeling gross. It is hard for me not come running to visit. I love you and send all the prayers I can your way so that you can "endure" this process and work on your new normal life.
Love, Mindy