Thursday, March 19, 2009

Harder Day

Day + 6 Health Score 53
The good news first. Amazingly, my mouth sores and pain went away after only two days. I can swallow again. Unfortunately, something happened in the middle of the night. My mouth became extremely dry. Sips of water did not help and the I spiked a fever to 101.6 , Cultures were done and I was started on stronger antibiotics. By morning I felt horrible, I got out of bed to a chair and felt very dizzy, Also I had numbness all over my body. I called the nurse to do my vital signs and they were in report and said they would be there within the hour. I then said, "I think I'm hypotensive". She came right away. My BP was 60/38. She got me back in bed. I knew I was dehydrated and I had already drank 591 cc of Gatorade. They started bolusing with fluids and I eventually got 4 liters which brought my BP to 85/60. The thoughts going through my mind were Acute Tubular Necrosis of my kidneys due to severe dehydration, cardiac rejection and sepsis. My urine output dropped significantly and the fellow suggested placing a Foley catheter to monitor urine output. I respectfully declined, promising to pee on demand. Ultimately the echocardiogram showed a healthy heart and the Creatinine was 1.3, signifying that my kidneys were still working. My hematocrit was 23%, so now they are giving me blood.

I am feeling better now and hopefully in a few days the infection will go away.


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dboat said...

Kevin, I am sorry to hear about last night. You are very fortunate to be in tune with your body and to understand the implications. I probably would have rolled over and gone to sleep because my mouth felt better. Ty is looking better today. Thanks again for being there for us.