Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making progress

Day + 12 Health Score 73

I can tell my Doctors are happy, as they all come in my room with a big smile on their faces. I remember that feeling of relief as one of my patients would significantly improve after a rocky course. My white count today is 1.5 k. Normal is around 4 k. My absolute neutrophil count is over 1.1 k. They consider you out of the woods when it is over 500 cells (0.5 K) needless to say, I am well on my way to recovery and may leave the hospital this weekend. I can now take walks out side my room and am eating much better now. I feel wonderful. Barbie is here with me now; my brother , Harold, spent the morning with me. Now the process goes in reverse. I will gradually be reverted to all of my previous medications over the next two weeks. With this behind me now, my dreams and goals will soon become realities.
I feel at peace today.



Anonymous said...


Barbie and Rebecca (Becca) came by yesterday to the O.R. to get your scrub hats. It was so nice to met them in person, you always talk so fondly of them. I am glad you are feeling better, and I am waiting for a "Hat" show. Take Care, Fondly, Susan Hollingsworth

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I think it was the Ho Ho's that helped :)


Patty Kuntzmann said...

Kevin ~ That is GREAT NEWS!! My mother-in-law and I check your blog daily.. (I had to show her how to use the internet HaHa!) She enjoyed meeting you and Barbie at Stanford last year. We have been praying for you & Barbie as I know many people have. By the way you are writing, I would say all those prayers are definately being answered. Keep it up and we hope to see you both soon!
Love Patty & Family

Jed and Cindy said...

I read your blog every night before I go to bed, just to "check in" with you. We're so grateful for the good news. Prayers are answered! Glad Barbie can be with you. It's amazing how having your companion with you lifts your spirits and everything seems right in the world again :) Keep fighting!

Love, Jed and Cindy

Wendy said...

what a nice post. so happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin, I'm so relieved to see you are doing well. Wow that was pretty scary to say the least. I told Dr. Schrier and Dr. Wittles, I don't like seeing you as the ginny pig going through all this and they better have it together before I go in. I will start the shots on 5-4-08 and begin the transplant around the end of the month of May. Hopefully I don't have as many complications as you had. They say each patient is different and I realize that because each heart transplant patient did have different complications. I'm so happy you are feeling better. Our prayers were answered. Keep strong and can't wait to see you soon. love, Debbie Douglas

dboat said...

It's great to hear that youare doing better. I could use some Thai food. How about you? Don