Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoke too soon

Kevin is still the eternal optimist and yesterday I was as well.  We waited all day for him to "turn the corner", but he never did.  His guts and kidneys aren't working as they should yet and his lungs are still a problem.  He received 2 units of platlets last night and 2 units of blood this morning.  He is weak, short of breath, and still retaining fluid.  His creatinine is high, which is not good and could present problems for his kidneys.  We hope for a better outcome today.  Leslie, Kevin's sister is with him now.  She, being a physicians assistant, will be my eyes and ears while I am home for a few days.  She said her job is to make sure the nurses don't fall behind in his care.  With the exception of yesterday (during the day) he has had great nurses.  
I just arrived home, wrote this blog and am leaving now to attend Caitlin's piano recital.  I'm utterly exhausted, but am holding on.



Mindy said...

Thanks for the update Barbie. We all send our love and hugs your way. You have been so strong in keeping it together for so long. We love you so much! Thanks for taking such good care of my brother. I am glad to have loved you even before Kevin did. I was so excited when he picked you. Hang in there. We are praying our hardest for you and Kevin.

Love, Mindy and Thad, Megan, Sara and Ryan

Darlene Anderson said...

I hope you take some time for yourself so you can
"rebalance" and continue in this marathon. Does it help to remember we've been promised by our Savior that he'd never give us more than we can handle? You and Kevin must be discovering strengths you never knew you had. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Barbie,
I believe that the worst is now over in this SCT process, if my recollection serves. I pray it is so!
You've now come out of the darkness into the light, with Kevin's having finally 'turned the corner.' (Again!)
Tho' it's not over, you have earned the right to take a very deep breath.
love, Aunt Renie