Saturday, March 28, 2009


Day + 15 Health Score 77

I was finally released from the hospital today, and what a glorious day it is. It is beautiful in Palo Alto. A family here, the Brand family, has been gracious in opening their home to us. It is only two miles from the hospital. We are staying in the guest house with a back yard reminiscent of the Garden of Eden with a Koi pond just outside. Barbie has already stayed here off and on for 2 weeks. I continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness of so many good people. I can't imagine a more serene place to recover.
The real work begins for Barbie. I have strict diet restrictions; I can only eat packaged processed junk food. My water has to be boiled daily. I will continue to go into the ITA (Infusion Treatment Area) daily for labs and treatments as needed.
I am still quite fatigued, I am still recovering from the pneumonia, but I feel a little stronger everyday. But every day fro now on is one day closer to complete recovery. The worst is over.



Tony said...


"The Great Escape"
I'm happy for you, you did it!
The nurses at ITA are great.
My very favorite is "Holly".
Hope to see you there,though at your rate of speed I don't expect you to be there long before you're back home in Lincoln?


Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie,

So glad to hear you are doing better. Thinking of you all the time. Take Care, Susan

Shelley said...

You can DO it!

Lots of folks out here "holding you in the Light," as we Quakers say.