Saturday, March 21, 2009


Day + 8 Health Score 62

When I was in High School Chemistry, we spent a lot of time discussing the importance of equilibrium, homeostasis or balance. That was just for chemical reactions. Later I learned of the critical nature of balance in all living systems. Essentially, all illness reflects be in a state in which you are out of balance. All efforts in medicine are to restore that balance; at all levels: chemical, cellular, organ and organ systems psychological/emotional and spiritual. It is the goal of caregivers to re-achieve that lost balance. However, sometimes to achieve that goal, you must temporarily cause the patient to be in greater imbalance. It could be surgery to restore normal anatomy, insulin to balance blood sugar or by administering poisons such as radiation or chemotherapy to destroy cancers. All of these maneuvers require the same thing to succeed; the body's ability to heal itself. Without this, I would be out of a job. However, some therapies are so drastic that, for a time, they wipe out this capacity for self healing. Stem Cell Transplant is in that category. For three weeks the doctors try to keep your body in a fragile balance, until you regain the strength to do it on your own. I am slowly progressing to that goal.
The CT scan of my chest, yesterday, showed that I have bilateral pneumonia. They already had me on very powerful antibiotics and anti fungals. So that by last night, I was already improving. Currently, I am not on any supplemental oxygen. My blood pressure stabilized and they stopped the dopamine. I slept great and am now back to eating.There are still many issues left to resolve, but I am hoping to achieve greater balance every day.



dboat said...

That's good to hear. I was worried about you. Don

Anonymous said...

At least they found something. Sometimes you never know the source and that can be frustrating. Each day you are one day closer.

Dana Nanigian

Anonymous said...

yeah good to hear your improving!!!

Anonymous said...

ooops i forgot to say from Tip hehehe its almost over!

Patty Kuntzmann said...

I am so glad you are on the mend. Hang in there!
Love, Patty & Family

Unknown said...

Glad those Dr's and nurses are being so vigilant, I would expect nothing less... it is a very fine line that you are walking. I liked Tony's poem about spring, but it is now snowing in Colfax. I love it!! Big huge flakes...
My daughter Elizabeth and I are leaving for NYC on Thursday AM for her chamber choir festival. They will be performing Saturday AM at the Riverside Church. What a place to sing, WOW, what a thrill. We will have a great trip, with a taste of the Met (museum) for the kids, I'm so glad they get a little taste anyway. We are also doing a "Sounds of the City" tour with many famous music venues incl. Harlem's Apollo Theatre. I'm sure we have a fabulous time. I'll tell you about when we get back!
As for're getting through the the most difficult part and will have the beautiful Spring and Easter to celebrate in just a few weeks!