Monday, March 16, 2009

'Guy' Stuff

Day + 3 Health Score 73

The day passed quickly as I had the company of a friend of mine from church, Neal Hinson. He drove the 2 1/2 hours from Lincoln to Stanford just so I wouldn't be alone today while Barbie was in school. Neal is a Captain in the Air Force and flies U-2 spy planes out of Beale Air Force Base. It was fascinating to learn of his experiences as one who flies so high and so alone. We both commented on the similarities between pilots and surgeons. In a moment of crisis, all of your experience, training, intuition and common sense combine with a heightened perception and awareness as you first; control the situation, second make a plan and third, fix the problem. I remember as this would occur to me, while performing surgery, almost being in a 'trance' like state where all external input is turned off. You do not sense time or body aches. You are completely focused until the job is done. And then, all at once, you look at the clock; and what seemed like a 5 minutes was actually an hour and your back starts to hurt.
The personalities that seek these jobs are clearly similar. It is strange that we might both be in awe of what the other guy does, whereas for us, it is just a days work.

The mouth sores began today. But I can still swallow. This was good because Neal brought 'guy' food (Cheetos and Hostess Donettes) and 'guy' movies (The Right Stuff and Master and Commander) to pass the time. It was good.

What a true friend.



Anonymous said...


Thoughts and prayers go out to you during this time. I'm happy for you that the journey is good so far.
Mouth sores made their appearance along with a sore throat but in time they said their goodbyes!
Sometimes I would wake up early in the morning, look out the same window and see medical personnel walking on what looked like "catwalks" in the distance.
I wondered what it would like to get some bacon and eggs in the cafeteria, but had no stomach for food.
The trees and flowers outside your window should be looking like spring real soon!
I remember seeing such beauty along with spring showers knowing that God was present with me right there in my warm room.
Why yes you might feel a bit more tired in the coming days and the topside might fall away, but its a journey of new life.
May time be on your side and I'm thinking beyond the four years you were told by the Doc.
If fact I dreamed about it in my sleep the other night and decided to start a "10" year club, and when it gets close, "15" years, then "20" and before you know it I'll pass my Dad who made it to a young 88! Care to be a charter member?
So take care, follow the Doc's orders and know that you and Barbie are in our thoughts and prayers!
See you Thursday?

Tony and Sharen

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you, stay strong!

Kristin said...


It was fun! I promise I am coming out again, it was a good getaway for me too. You made me think of all the reasons why I like my job ,and like you said, it was very cool learning about your profession, and the striking similarities between them both. Anyway, my wife says next time its Top Gun, and High Noon (a classic), can't do you need a reload on the Cheetos and donuts?