Sunday, March 29, 2009


Day + 16 Health Score 77

I started the day in the ITA. I was very weak this morning, probably from not drinking enough. My appetite is slowly returning, but foods just don't taste right. Although, Lucky Charms still taste pretty good. They gave me a liter IV and we left just in time to attend the Palo Alto 1st Ward sacrament meeting. I always miss the hymns more than anything; although it is hard to sing with that giant filter mask I have to wear. My brother Daren and his wife Rachelle are with me now as Barbie returns home until Wednesday.

Rebecca sent me a photo of the Ginkgo Biloba bonsai that I received as a gift from my colleagues at work. They knew of my affinity for trees and, in addition to the bonsai, gifted me with plantings of trees in my name. For months this decidedly deciduous bonsai was bare and lifeless. Then Rebecca noted that just as my new stem cells were renewing my bone marrow and budding new cells, the bonsai came to life and put buds on its stems. What a wonderful reminder of the renewal of Spring and the renewal of life.