Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another day

There are two things wonderful people ask me, "How are you doing with all this?" and "Can I do anything for you?"  The kindness of the "ask" in itself lifts me.  When asked how I'm doing I usually say that I'm fine.  And for the most part that has been true.  When they ask me what they can do for me I say, "No, I'm good."  The truth is I need more sleep and need to be cloned.
This past week took a toll on my ability to think clearly.  I went out of the house with two different colored shoes, missed a hair appointment (and you NEVER miss a hair appointment), and I left the garage door open all night.  But those things aren't so bad, right?  The problem is that it is now affecting my school work.  I have completed the wrong assignment twice, can't concentrate on studying for my test today, and have lost my motivation, and have been waking up at 4am for no apparent reason and can't fall back to sleep.  I'm completely exhausted and just want to lay down.  Today is another long day of classes, my test and then I drive to be with Kevin.  I'll be fine because I was given a blessing by my Bishop that I will find strength that I didn't know I had.  
I am so thrilled that Kevin has pulled through (his white blood cells are GROWING) and so amazed at how quickly he turned from the sickest I've ever seen someone.  I am ever so grateful to the kindness of friends who have adopted our girls when I am away, have brought in meals, cookies, flowers, and messages of support.  We will never forget this experience and will be forever humbled by the love we have felt from so many and the comfort we have felt from our Saviour.  


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Patty Kuntzmann said...

Barbie ~ Hang in there a little bit longer. From reading Kevin's post today things are improving and soon some of that stress will subside. You are a fantastic wife, mother & student :o) I don't know any one that handle all these things and still find time to smile. Your strength is amazing!
Love you all!
Patty & Family