Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things always seem to work out

Answers to life's mysteries sometimes come faster than you think. Only a few hours after Barbie left, I got a call about an available heart. Normally that would be cause for excitement, but this call was from Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic had a heart. This was totally unexpected. Reason said that I should go, but my heart (what's left of it) was apprehensive. I would need to take an air ambulance to Rochester without Barbie. I would be there alone for the transplant, (however, I knew that the church members there would provide support). I would have to stay in Rochester for 3-6 months for follow up care. This decision was too hard for me alone. I called Barbie and she was distraught. I spoke with my doctor here, Dr Weisshaar, and she said she would arrange to have me flown there. But then a small miracle occurred. Dr Wiesshaar came to my room to ask how I felt about this. I shared my concerns, about the distance, being alone, Barbie being gone at the wedding etc... She understood and said she would speak with the surgeon there. While she was gone I prayed that the right answer would be found.

She returned (after what felt like an eternity) and said, "You need to get some sleep, we passed on the heart." I felt a huge relief as she said this and knew it was the right answer. Even though it would not seem prudent to pass on an available heart today, not knowing when one might come again at Stanford, she felt that I was very stable and healthy and could afford to wait. The doctors at Mayo were in agreement.

I called Barbie and she was relieved. We both got a restful night's sleep. It turns out that there were many factors in the decision, but I believe that Barbie's presence at the wedding, and thus her absence here, was the tipping point.

It's just another chapter in this surreal journey on which we find ourselves.

Waiting, with renewed patience,



Allison said...

I definately think they were right. I think that your heart breaking because of Barbie being gone would have made the transplant much less successful. I truly believe that the love of your eternal companion by your side will give you the strength to heal faster. I pray that another heart will come soon for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. It is sad to feed Parker knowing everything you are enduring. I pray Barbie will continue to ask us to help. We are so happy to do anything!
With love,
Allison Carter

Fries Family said...

That is incredible. All I can think to say is way to follow your gut (The Spirit).

Darlene Anderson said...

This journey would be challenging to walk alone; it's wonderful you have each other to share this unimaginable time. Also, what a blessing to have technology so you can share your story with the rest of us; I hope you can feel the love and support we have for you all.

Prayer. What a beautiful gift from our loving Heavenly Father; the ability to communicate with the creator of all. What a comfort to know He's watching over you and your family. I know the "perfect" heart will be made available.

Even though you're alone in your hospital room, I hope the prayers, thoughts and loving hope of all of us can be a support. We love you.

dboat said...

Kevin, It's nice to read your thoughts. I wish I could do something for you. I am glad to hear that your doctors think you are stable enough to wait.
I have been experimenting with making laab lately, and I think I've got a decent result. Of course I will never get it quite like Thai Orchid, but on a Sunday evening, it is nice to whip out some laab for a snack. Let me know if I can sneak in an order of laab from Thai Orchid to the hospital some weekend.
How about Friday the 22nd?
Let me know.

Patty said...

Thanks for sharing Kevin. We are praying for you. I know Heavenly Father will take care of you and Barbie and your family.

Patty (your cousin)

Unknown said...

Kevin, Deborah and I are delighted to hear about your new heart. Outside of some pumping problems, there really wasn't anything wrong with the old heart, but we're glad the new one is performing it's physiological duties better. To a speedy and smooth recovery, our best. The Corr's.