Sunday, August 10, 2008

2nd Sunday

Good morning.  We've been here in room 2200 for 9 days.  I shouldn't be counting, but time is going much slower now.  The highlight of my day is my morning shower and what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It's already getting old and we still may have a long wait ahead.  At least I've been able to be outside and feel the wind on my face - Kevin has only seen the breeze through a window.   

Caitlin went to EFY last week in Fresno and had a great time.  Her session director was Dwight Durant, the father of a wonderful family who moved to our town in Connecticut as we were moving out.   It made her stay at EFY extra special knowing he was there.  We came to know the family the few times we have returned to visit.  Caitlin is happy to be home and is coming down again today with her grandmother and Aunt Kathie.  We are excited to see them.  We will also receive a visit from my brother Daniel's wife, Emma, and their little one, Elena, who are here for a family reunion.  Kevin's brother, Harold, and their mother, Myrna, will also visit.  So today will be eventful.

Sam and Michelle are closer to their wedding day.  I talked to Sam yesterday and he was ecstatic to soon be married to Michelle.  They spent the day at the Mt. Timpanogos temple preparing for their wedding in San Diego.  Samuel said his jaw hurt from smiling for 5 hours.  They are going to be a wonderfully happy couple.  

Rebecca and Corey took their engagement pictures yesterday.  I would have loved to watch, but we will all see the results soon enough.  They too are in engagement mode, looking to their future life together with all its possibilities.  

Jeremy and Alexandria seem to be enjoying life and spending time together.  They are busy, productive people. 

Kevin is more fatigued.  They have diuresed him so much, that his energy is depleting.   He's lost 20 lbs. of fluid in one week.  He sleeps more.  Though they are watching his weight, his labs, and his vitals very closely.  The doctor just came in and they have decided to slow down on the lasix to let Kevin's body replenish.   He weighs 176 lbs. which is a far cry from 205 lb.  He eats as much as he can, but with a low-sodium and low-fat diet of hospital food, one can't do too much.  Now and again I sneak him in an ice cream.  Some women will read this and want some lasix, but I don't recommend it.  Unless of course, you want visit the ladies room often and sleep alot. :)

Have a great Sunday, 



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