Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Discharge Today

The doctors here are in no hurry to let Kevin go.  It looks like we will be here until Monday.  I'm hoping that they will let me take him outside for a little sunshine.  


Unknown said...

Dear Kevin,Deborah and I are thrilled with your new heart and quick recovery. You're in our thoughts daily and hope you continue on the fast track to full recovery. The Corr's.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie- I just returned safely from our fascinating trip to China and was delighted to hear that your progress had been not only favorable but also rapid. I tried to attach on to while travelling but could not do so. I was told there a number of sites blocked or at least don't have clearance from Chinese media censors. (I didn't even mention Tibet). I'm not sure if that was the case or just web-accessing incompetence on my part. Nonetheless, your recovery topic Numero Uno about the office and the OR so I was quickly brought up to date when I checked in on Weds.

By the way- you look nice with a scar!

Stay strong- Steve and Laura

Anonymous said...

You look better everyday in the pictures since your surgery. Things are certainly progressing rapidly and positively for you. Keep up the great recovery. You can compare your scar with my son's in a few weeks and see who has the prettiest. :)
Hope to see you soon back at work, at least in a visiting capacity!