Friday, August 1, 2008

Stanford said, "Yes!"

This morning around 11 am, Kaiser Santa Clara called to let us know that after a lively discussion at the selection meeting with Stanford, they agreed to put Kevin on the heart transplant list.  Once Dr. Weisshar asked about Kevin's current symptoms, she wanted him to be admitted today.  We packed, said our goodbyes again and left.  He is now in his room being monitored and on Dopemine to help his heart relax and  is now listed as a 1B.  Stanford believes he will have a heart transplant within the next few weeks.  It is a known fact now that he will not be able to leave for Samuel's wedding.  Samuel is understanding and wants what's best for his Dad.  We've come up with a video phone chat so Kevin will be able to sort of be present.  At this point, he's not even allowed to leave the cardiac unit where there is no wi-fi.  He says he will try to sneak out to write a quick blog, if not, I will do a copy and paste.  He is comfortable in his bed and forced to rest, thank goodness.  He was tiring out more and slowing down.