Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kevin is well

I just spoke to Kevin.  He feels great; he loves me with all his new heart!  He's a bit groggy, but is happy this part is all over.  The heart is a perfect match, the right size and it started pumping without needing to be shocked.  I'm going to see him in a few hours.

Sam and Michelle looked amazing.  The temple ceremony was beautiful.  They were supported by so many friends and family.

More later...


JLR said...

Kevin and Barbie- I'm so glad to hear everything is well and that Kevin has a hear. We have been getting the update through Grandma & Grandpa (Harold & Gloria). You guys are in our prayers.

Jamie Robbins (Karen's Daughter)

Anonymous said...

Wow! So great that he got a heart and is out of surgery! Tell him I say hello.

Thinking fo you both.

Dana Nanigian

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie,
We celebrate with you and thank our Father in Heaven. We too have been following Kevin's journey, and rejoyce with you at this time.
The Chandri Family

Darlene Anderson said...

What a landmark weekend and blessing to be together and share this miracle as family! It was beautiful to be in the temple and see Sam and Michelles' love for one another; you have shown Sam how beautiful a marriage can be. It was good to be together and share all the joy this weekend brought...I love you all. Enjoy one another.

Allison said...

I have been thinking about you guys non stop. Parker is super excited his daddy is doing well and he will be home soon. Funny that I thought I needed to tell him. I am praying constantly for you. I hope you know how glad we are to hear the great news. You have been SO strong. Tell Kevin congrats.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie, I've been following the blog and yesterday I kept a big prayer in my heart all day. I couldn't get you out of my mind so I am so thrilled to hear that things went well! We love you and please know that we are thinking of you....
Dan and Lisa Ursenbach

Rob A said...

We have all been watching and praying intently for this day to arrive. The day that God's unique and steady love extends his continuous reach to Kevin. He is such an amazing individual. While we are neighbors and see one another periodically as neighbors, you really never see the strength that has been offered over the past several months. His strength and the strength offered through Barbie at his side is such an immense gift of unusual proportion. We, as many others, are greatful for Kevin and Barbie.

Now, more than ever, is the time for patience, and continued grace as we eagarly watch the rebirth that is Kevin Anderson.


Unknown said...

That will teach me to go a few days without reading the blog! How fantastic you got a heart, and so quickly after you passed on the one at Mayo. The Lord is obviously in control and guiding your decisions Kevin. Saturday truly was a celebratory day for you all. I will pass on the good news at work. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Stay strong
God bless you both

Jennifer Wood