Monday, August 25, 2008


The masked man with Don & Maria Boatman
          (my boss and good friends)

Corey (Rebecca's fiance), Rebecca & Caitlin with 
               Kevin and the yummy cake

        Leslie, Char, Kevin and baby Finn


Anonymous said...

kevin & barbie: i am so happy to see you are doing so well.your recovery is remarkable when compared to my personal experience with bypass surgery.keep going & keep the blog up & hope to see both of you soon.
mike russo

Emma and Dan said...

I love that you have proof that Kevin was able to go outside! And proof that he took off his mask. What a rebel. :)
It's wonderful to see you looking so well, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie,

You are looking well! It's good to see you smile! Your in my thoughts!

Sam S.