Sunday, August 24, 2008

One More Day then NO more hospital stays!

Today is Sunday.  Kevin and I are going to sing hymns in his room today; a great way to give thanks.  He will be discharged tomorrow (YEAH!) and we will check into a hotel in Santa Clara and be there for one month.  Each day he will visit Santa Clara Kaiser for tests watching for rejection.  We've been told that it is not if he rejects the new heart, but when.  So when rejection happens, they readjust his meds to prevent complete rejection.  
His next blog will explain the new life we will need to live.  He'll take anti-rejection meds for the rest of his life, no raw fish, needs to be cautious in public, as well as changes in diet.  The anti-rejection meds suppress his immune system so he is more susceptible to infection and needs to wear a hepa mask in public for 6 weeks and then follows with a smaller mask.  Kevin will give a better summary of what all this entails.  I'll post more pictures on Monday.

Everyone have a beautiful Sunday


Anonymous said...

We love you. We miss you. We are so happy for you and Kevin and the kids (wow! they all look great and a big congrats on all the weddings!) Thank you for sharing your amazing, inspiring story and thoughts. We think of you often and continue to pray for you. Isn't life grand?! :)

PS We made "Barbie's Chicken Enchilladas" this week. They're a favorite!

Jenkins family said...

Kevin and Barbie,

It's great to hear how well things are going. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, it's all very inspiring. You're in our prayers. Can't wait to talk to you when things settle down.

Much love,
Gary and Lisa

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin and Barbie: I am so happy to see how wonderful you look! I only met you that one day but believe me there is a big difference. You look so healthy and alive. I appreciate all the messages and the update on your recovery. It helps me to understand what I will be face with. I wished we could have talked more but there is plenty of time for that. I have given your blog site to friends to help them understand what amyloidosis is and the process I will go through once I have been selected for a heart transplant. I'm getting closer. Dr. Edwards was not concern about the plasma cell numbers and said to go forward. I'm scheduled for the scope test (stomach) on Wednesday. Kaiser says it takes two and half weeks for results but I'm hoping Dr. Weisshaar can present on Friday based on the results. I sometimes get really scared because I think treatment for this disease is so important to begin now but do realize I need a healthy heart to begin chemo. Kevin, keep strong and look forward to seeing you again and meeting Barbie. Was Janet able to give you the Amyloidosis ribbon pins for you and your family? God Bless,
Debbie Douglas

Mindy said...

From Sara: I wish I could be there with you today. GET WELL SOON!! From Mindy: I am SO excited that you are doing so well. "FREEDOM" as Mel Gibson would say. I know it will continue to be challenging, but the wait and worry and panic are over. So now you can work on not rejecting your heart. A few of the YW in our ward were so excited by your news that they "Heart Attacked" my lawn. Very sweet. We all miss you and look forward to giving you a BIG hug when we get back to CA. From Ryan: da u kvn translation - "I love you Kevin"!

Darlene said...

I'm admiring the two of you. I know this is not a journey either one of you would've chosen and yet you're walking it with love, gratitude, humility and faith in Heavenly Father's love. You've haven't hit a "sour note" (at least that I've heard) and have been an inspiration for everyone whose heard your story. My mind is wobbly when I consider the capabilities the medical community has to save lives. We certainly live in an exciting time and can see a loving Heavenly Father's hand all around us. Keep singing!

Betty said...

Well, Barbie, we just found out yesterday about your "adventure". Add us to the long list of friends and family who are praying for you. Hopefully we can get together in the not-too-distant-future (like we've always been meaning to.)

Anonymous said...

Brother Kevin,
It is great to witness the miracle of faithful Prayers. We are so happy to hear you are doing better.
The Retamal's