Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Living out of my car

Walking to the car 4-5 times a day to pick up or return things seems awful and sleeping in a hospital room on a small bed seems uncomfortable but actually it's not so bad.  I'm plenty warm and walking to the car gives me exercise.  I try to use the stairs as much as I can and take a walk every day around the perimeter of the hospital as well.  It helps, as we know.  

Kevin and I have spent a lot of time together in the past few weeks and crazy enough, we still like each other and honestly still love each other.  I'm not tired of him and he's not tired of me.  Tomorrow is our 26th anniversary.  It will be an anniversary to remember.  He feels bad that he can't get out to get me anything - I responded that I didn't need anything.  We are doing well.

Here is what our day is like:
4am vitals
5am weight
5:30 am blood draw
6am usually a visit from someone checking on something
7am vitals again and meds
8am breakfast, 12pm lunch, 5pm dinner
throughout the day, more vitals, meds, and drop ins 

He walks laps around telemetry.  That is where he's confined.  And visits the John often because of all the lasiks (sorry, lasix - he is not having eye surgery).  I think he has lost 10 lbs. of water since we got here.

We spend our day talking and not talking for hours; reading and not reading for hours; sleeping and not sleeping for hours.   

All is well,