Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sand and waves calm

My mom, my sister, Rebecca, Caitlin and I left yesterday morning at 5am to drive here to San Diego. After the night Kevin and I had, I think I fell asleep around 11:30 pm for a little while after Kevin's first call about the possible transfer to Mayo. I prayed for a while too. It was already too hard leaving him, and then having to face the possibility of not being with in Rochester during the transplant and recovery was more than I could bare. His final call at 1am was a relief. None of us (doctors and all) feel badly about the decision to pass on the heart. We still feel good about this and I feel wonderful knowing that some lucky person received a heart that night.

We arrived here about 1:30 pm . I drove the entire way because I didn't feel tired at all. Another great blessing. I slept 10 hours last night; I never sleep that long. It did my body good. The first thing we did once getting settled in the beach house was to go to the beach. There is something wonderful about sitting on the beach, putting your feet in the sand and hearing the waves crash. My spirit felt so calm. I called Kevin while on the beach so I could feel him with me. I miss him, but feel so much better. After our experience Tues. night, we can do this!

I wish he were here, but like we all know, it is better that he is where he is. His brother, Daren, is arriving today to spend the weekend with him, while most of the rest of the family will be here for Sam's wedding.


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