Monday, September 29, 2008


Kevin says I'm nesting.  Having been away from home for 2 months and working all of last year, our home needed a major organizational make-over.  Since we've been home I've been going through closets and cupboards.  My donation pile is getting larger and our garbage can fills up 3 days before pickup.  It feels great to get rid of excess or items I've saved for sentimental reasons and realize some are not so sentimental after all.  I seriously miss my basement in Connecticut though.  I had nice heavy shelves where my tubs of winter blankets, holiday, camping gear, and kids keepsakes were kept.  In California these items end up in the overhead storage over our cars, in the attic, unreachable, or in my closet.  It's a bit more difficult in our home since we have very few usable storage cabinets.  I'm working hard to maximize our space.  It's been a fun project and will take me awhile longer.  

Kevin has been doing well.  He is sleeping better now and without needing to take a sleeping pill.  I have to keep reminding him that he just had major surgery and not to try and do too much.  When he does, he is more tired the following day.  He still shouldn't lift more than 5 lbs. and he's lucked out in gardening.  He can't turn up dirt, ever, because of the aspergillus.  I've always been the gardener, but he use to help me with the heavy stuff.  Rebecca & Caitlin helped me clean up the yard on Saturday.  It looks much better.  

Kevin and I leave again today, but only overnight.  He has an appointment this afternoon with Dr. Schrier (expert for amyloidosis) at Stanford to discuss the plan for treating amyloidosis.  Then Tuesday morning is the routine heart biopsy, chest x-ray, doctor visit and infusion.  

We have so enjoyed being home.  We're getting ready for the OPEN HOUSE next Sunday night. Hope many of you can make it.  And three weeks after that Rebecca will be married. Three children married in 6 months and Kevin's health issues and we are all doing well.  A testiment that God doesn't give us more than we can handle.  He has carried us the entire way.  We feel very blessed.  

Kevin will probably write the outcome of today's appointment soon.  


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