Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to Life at Home

We have been home now for a few days.  It has been wonderful in every way.  The girls are glad to have us home and take care of things that were left up to them for so long.  Rebecca no longer needs to pick up or drop off Caitlin at all her activities.  That frees up her time so she can focus on wedding details and Corey.  When we left Santa Clara we got home in time to pick up Caitlin from piano lessons and listen to her play for 30 minutes.  What a treat for both Kevin and I.  And then by the next day I was her chauffeur and enjoyed visiting with her on our way to the next destination. As far as Rebecca and I, we spent all Thursday and Friday working on announcements, and all that it entails.  They are ready to be mailed.  We also worked on details for the bridesmaids.  Everything is coming together.  In between all this I found some time to go through piles of papers, reorganize areas (still lots more to do there), and play in the yard.  I saved a few zucchini from 'overgrown zucchini heaven', pulled a few weeds (many more there as well), fixed some broken drips and tidied up a little.  Today I spent nice quality time with Parker.  I bathed him in the backyard and brushed him well.  He and I had a wonderful dog bonding moment.  He smells so good and his coat looks amazing.  I bought him a new bed and a new dog toy.  His bed smelled worse than he did. 

Kevin and I have been walking 3 miles everyday.  He wanted to walk my running route yesterday with lots of hills.  He did fine, but his calves didn't.  He can feel his muscles work so hard as they try to build.  He is doing wonderful.  I know now why they have heart patients stay in the area for a month or so.  It's to watch for rejection, but also to force them to rest. Kevin wants to do so much, but knows when he needs to stop and rest.   He is still limited and I know that it is a little frustrating to him that I need to do things that he can't yet or ever do.  I really don't mind.  I've have a new outlook on life.  I like where I am right now and hope that I don't go back to my "hurry and get it done" phase.  I'm discovering more about enjoying the moment.  Sounds cliche, I know, but I don't know any other way of describing it.  Our life together has changed too, and we love that.  

Tomorrow we will celebrate Rebecca's 20th birthday - dinner, cakes, and presents in the making.  We will have a relaxing, calm, birthday celebration.



Kristin said...

It was so great to see you guys walk into church this morning! I feel like I have really gotten to know you guys by reading your blog, and I want you to know that your experiences have really touched my life. Thanks for sharing, I hope you don't mind me reading. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are home now! Take care!


Zak and Weezie said...

I am overjoyed to read of your guys progress and blessings, and how well things have gone... Congratulations!

Zak Bryson

Zak and Weezie said...

I am so glad to read that everything has gone so well, congratulations!! You guys were on my mind a lot. Prez An, you will never know truly how much your example of faith has touched me throughout my adolesence and even now as I read of your guys' experiences. Good luck with the upcomming events!!

Zak Bryson