Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I miss my garden

I left our home right as our tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini were harvesting. I had great plans to make sauce from the tomatoes and freeze for future meals. Last year I planted lemon cucumbers and thought they had too many seeds so I chose a simple cucumber this year. We haven't gotten to eat one. I was planning on making the cucumber salad with vinegar, sugar and red onions. Didn't happen. My basil probably went to seed and my peppers are possibly dried out. I have no idea if our yellow squash even grew. While my mom was at our home, she checked daily and watered as necessary. We have a drip system, but Sacramento summers can wreck havoc on a garden with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees for a 5-10 day stretch. My mom and I decided it was time she needed to go home to my dad so she flew home the weekend of Sam & Michelle's Utah reception (since Utah is where she lives). The girls have been taking care of the house and their own busy lives. As much as they would love to have some free time, I'm not sure the garden in on the top of the list when they do. They have enough to keep up with.
My flower garden was not in great shape when I left. I had kept it so beautiful and lush for Alexandria and Jeremy's reception, but when that ended my time was divided with our next wedding (travel arrangements and such), Kevin's health, church assignments and work. My flower garden took a back seat. I think when I come home one of the first things I will do is get my hands dirty.

I also miss our dog, Parker. I think of him home all day, alone. I know he is a dog and can handle that, but I will welcome his company when I start working in the garden again. He is great company. He will lie next to me on the grass, two paws crossed over his little stuffed toy of two years and glance at me every now and again, while still chewing. It's the cutest thing.
I miss cooking in my kitchen. I'm sure taking inventory and restocking will be high on the list as well.
I miss my friends at work. They are a great group to work with. Hi everyone.
And oh, how we miss our bed. We had just bought a new mattress for my birthday in May.
I didn't intend for this to be an 'I miss' blog, but many times I have intended to write one thing and said another.
  Leo, Kevin & Debbie
Today we went to the transplant support group at Kaiser - Santa Clara. I finally met Debbie Douglas & her husband & great friends. Some of you may have noticed her comments to Kevin and I. She has also been diagnosed with Amyloidosis. It was frightening to her, but after having met Kevin, SOME of her anxiety has withdrawn. It all can be very scary. We all enjoyed some really great hugs. Of all the transplant patients, there are only 3 with Amyloidosis: Leo - 4 years out (hereditary amyloid), Kevin - 24 days out (AL systemic), and Debbie - waiting at home (AL systemic). They are a great support to each other. We talked to Dr. Nishime today and the plan is that Kevin won't meet with an Oncologist to start amyloid treatment until after the 3 month mark of the transplant.  He is anxious to start discussion and have a plan. We'll have to wait a little longer.
Everyday I wake up and wonder what the day will bring and what our future life will bring. I am not worried, only waiting for direction.
Big hugs to all of you,
P.S. not bad for a picture (above) taken from my cell phone.

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