Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slide show added

I've been needing something new to do in our humble hotel room and with the help of my sister-in-law, Amy, I added a slide show to our blog.  I've been wanting to spruce it up a little but hadn't really had time to think about it - my focus has been on Kevin.  

Today he has felt much better than the past few days.  The nurses warned us today that as he comes down on lower doses of Prednisone, he will feel even worse.  The next two weeks could be his toughest.  It's funny to think that the actual surgery itself was the easy part. 

The girls are coming up this weekend (and Corey).  We are excited to see them all.  I think we are sending them to Great America for the day.  It's about a mile from us.  We also had a wonderful visit yesterday from MaryJane Smith, Gloriana and her husband, Josh.  She is in California to attend Murphy's wedding (MaryJane's son).  These are great friends from Connecticut.  We've enjoyed every visit we have had.  Last Monday we were to receive a visit from Kevin's sister, Lisa and from a Kaiser partner, Depak Chabra.  Kevin had to call them both and ask them to come another time, since he felt so awful.  Sorry - he didn't like doing that.

Thank you to all for your support in this experience.  We have grown from your thoughts as well.  



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