Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend it has been. Caitlin, Rebecca and Corey came and stayed with us here in Sunnyvale. We have been away from each other for too long. They arrived on Friday and we went out to In and Out Burger, our favorite hamburger place. Saturday we spent the day at Great America (an amusement park). They had a great time on the rides. (Of course, I did not go on any rides, as much as I wanted to, I do know better) We then all went to California Pizza Kitchen. (I was craving the smashed pea soup) Life is better now that my taste buds are willing to cooperate.
I have been feeling much better and getting my strength back. Today we went for a two-mile walk. I do need to build up my endurance.
I had mentioned that Caitlin wrote me a song for my birthday. Her piano teacher helped her to record it, and another piano piece, so that I could hear them any time. With Barbie's new-found blog-editing skills, I believe she will likely post it on the site.
We are so proud of Caitlin. She has become so independent in our absence. She is very responsible and remains strong. We are also so grateful to Rebecca for being there for her and helping her while we are gone.

We can't wait to go home.


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