Thursday, September 11, 2008

Legal Alien (just for fun)

I metaphoran alien recently and he entered into my life. I’ll call him Jerome. At first I was anxious and then had a change of heart. He is, however, a legal alien. Unfortunately, once the IMS (Immune system) discovered him, they immediately set out to reject and deport him. Small squadrons of killer cells began to set upon him, but he was protected by his ‘Green Card’. Actually, multiple green cards from different agencies; Gengraf, Cellcept, Prednisone and Daclizumab. These were all administered, by me, under one umbrella agency, not dissimilar to homeland security. Fortuitously, the agents of these killer cells were repelled back to their cavernous marrows, and with luck, will remain dormant, as sleeper cells.

He made his home in the heartland and began work immediately. He works fulltime, now, and specializes in fluid and energy distribution. He works with such regularity and precision that he is often compared to the ticking of a clock, earning him the nickname, ‘Jerome, Jerome, the metronome’. (See Gattaca)

I hope to see him naturalized soon, and as a citizen, I can stand with him, hand over my heart, and pledge allegiance to this union. I sense that his tireless efforts will continue. I guess what I have learned is that we are all strangers on this borrowed land. Yet, as I serve to protect him and he labors to help me, alone we would remain alienated, but together we can stand free.



Anonymous said...

I see through this latest blog that the drugs are finally taking their toll on you. Just kidding, that was very clever. You look great in the pictures!

Dana Nanigian

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Barbie,

I have noticed, and expected, the comment posts to go down as your normal life slowly resumes. I doubt anyone has "alienated" you but rather we (collectively) are at peace as we all see the normal Kevin and Barbie come back as you are exiting this trial.
It's wonderful to see your sense of humor inspite of all this! You truly are amazing and we are still reading intently though we don't comment as often as we once did.

Keep on keepin' on!

Linda Reichert and clan

Mindy said...

Kevin...very funny! I am glad you're feeling well enough to be funny again. We are very excited that you get to go home soon. I was looking at your pictures on your new and improved site and was amazed at how much color you have vs. a few weeks ago. You are too skinny, but you look better. As Ryan would say...aweSOME or Niiiice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin and Barbie, I was so happy to finally meet you Barbie. I hope to meet your kids soon too. I love reading Kevin's thoughts. He does have a way of saying things. I looked at the long list of drugs, their side effects etc. My friends, Gary and Debbie, well really Gary, teased me about facial hair. Well I told him these drugs also cause mood swings and I won't beable to control myself if I decide to hurt him, HA HA!! It's not funny what those drugs can do. They are going to save our lives. I'm not happy about taking drugs (never used drugs) but realize the importance. I hope you and Barbie have a wonderful weekend. I am going to rest. Feeling rather tired this week. God Bless you both. Debbie Douglas

Anonymous said...

My husband, the geologist, actually let me read him your very clever prose, too funny! The science of the allomap was too much, he wanted a synopsis..Ha! Needless to say, too much for me to give him a synopsis I just got enough of your very good explanation to get how great it is.
I'm so happy to see that you are feeling so well and able to return to your clever funny former self:)