Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take Aim Tuesday

Tuesday visits are all pointed at Kevin's heart.  
It starts with:
  1. Biopsy and Blood draw
  2. chest x-ray
  3. clinic visit w/echo
And then we wait...tomorrow they will call with the results of the biopsy and his labs.  This next call is crucial because it determines when we get to GO HOME!!  

Right now Kevin is also receiving his once a week infusion of Dacluzimab.  This is his second, but I can't remember how many more he needs.   If we get to go home we'll come back next Tuesday for a clinic visit, biopsy the following Tuesday.  

Gotta go - Kevin just text (is there a past tense, texted?) me and he is ready to be picked up.  Write more later.


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Anderson;
We are all very glad to hear how well you are doing! keep up the good work and remember that you and your family are in our prayers everyday. we can't wait to see you and hopefully that will be soon.
Sac Uro Chicks