Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's October and although California's fall is not Connecticut's fall, I love it still.  The air becomes crisp, leaves change colors, and nature prepares for winter.  This is my favorite time to run.

Our trip to Stanford to meet Dr. Schrier went well.  He would like to start Kevin immediately on Revlamid and Dexamethazone.  Both are oral, once a week drugs.  He'll start with 10 mg of Revlamid and then increase to 25 mg.  Dexamethazone will be at 40 mg.  It means more side effects to deal with.  Yesterday we met with the Kaiser team and because of Kevin's high dose of Dexamethazone he will not be a candidate for Allomap.  The team was really hoping to have him participate in this new test, but Amyloidosis changes things.  The Dexamethazone will have an effect on the result.  It's unfortunate, would have been more convenient, and limit the amount of biopsies, but right now treating Amyloid is crucial to save this new heart from damage.  

We both came home a bit exhausted yesterday.  Part due to the long appointments Monday and Tuesday, the long drive, and the reminder that we are not close to being done.  


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