Monday, October 6, 2008

Strength from others

I feel quite nested now.  As we spent the past few days grocery shopping & cooking, preparing for our open house, I was reminded how happy I am when I am in the kitchen cooking for people I love.  We were pleased that so many were able to stop by and share in our joy with good food and good company.  I am a much better one-on-one communicator so my only wish would have been to have more time with each person individually.  Maybe there will be time in heaven for that?

The best part about the preparation was viewing our church conference on television.  Twice a year our leaders meet in SLC and televise a 4 session conference.  We are fortunate to watch it at home through our cable network.  I remember years in Connecticut getting dressed up and taking the children to all 4 sessions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday at our local chapel.  It was a wonderful but long weekend for children.  To watch in my own home while making brownies or just sitting down to listen of our leaders testimonies of Jesus Christ is inspiring.  

My sister, Kathie came for the last session of Conference and helped me with final preparations.  She worked clear through until the last person left, washing, refilling plates and drinks and all those things that are done behind the scenes.  I am grateful to her - she worked very hard which allowed Kevin and I to visit with friends.  Thank you, Kathie.

As Kevin stated on Saturday, we received beautiful handmade quilts from some of our friends in Connecticut.  Woven of love and prepared from those with busy lives, we feel grateful once again.  We displayed them for the open house for others to admire.  When we are filled with the spirit of love we have a tremendous need to help others when they have burdens.  We have received so much from so many of you, some in words and some "things" to make us smile or make our life a little easier.  Thank you for sharing your hearts and your wisdom.  I feel like it is time for us to 'give back'.  

Our life is richly blessed.  Kevin's heart is beating tremendously well.  We are surrounded by people who give us strength and encourage us to be better people.  He tolerated his first dose of Revlimid well.  We are hopeful this will work.


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Debbie Douglas said...

Hi Kevin and Barbie, I'm so glad that the open house was wonderful. Looks like a lot of family and friends came to see that "miracle man". So happy to hear that the first chemo treatment went well. I can't wait unitl I can start. I am doing so well and feel great!!! I started by own blog and its I wanted Kevin to know that I took the wonderful information about Amyloidosis from your blog and included in mine. Hope you don't mind. I had a busy weekend but today Mom and I are just relaxing and resting. I have my first heart biospy tomorrow and feel a little anxious. I know its important and thank God I have you, Tippy, John, Matt and all the other heart transplant friends I have met at support. Stay well and God bless. See you next week.
Love, Debbie Douglas