Sunday, September 14, 2008

Biopsy - NER

What does NER mean?  Well, if you have had a transplant, it's great news.  Kevin's biopsy showed NO EVIDENCE OF REJECTION!  This is the first time for this result.  The previous 2 right after transplant both showed small signs of rejection which they explained is normal.  Kevin has been feeling so much better.  He is sleeping better, eating better, and has much more strength.  We went on a 2 miles walk yesterday and he felt great.  He can feel the muscles working hard in his legs as he tries to regain muscle mass. 

Everyday I am amazed at his recovery.   He's had his new heart for only 4 weeks and with the exception of a few side effects of the drugs, he feels better and better.  

Soon we will be home and back to some normalcy:)


Brooke Trogdon said...

YAY! We are so excited for you and for Kevin, especially now that his new heart is doing well, and that you get to move back home. That's great news!

Darlene Anderson said...

Yipeeeeee!!!!! Wahooooooo!!! Love the good news.

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were a NERD not NER but very glad for the latter. I am glad you guys get to go home Leslie