Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy to be here

Barbie and I arrived home last night. I felt like Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz". "There's no place like home". All went well in Minnesota and I was officially listed on the Mayo Clinic heart transplant list. On Friday my case will be presented to the selection committee at Stanford for possible listing. Stanford has only done one transplant on an amyloid patient since their program began. He was done in 2004, and like myself, was a Kaiser patient sent back from the Mayo Clinic as a 'good' candidate. I spoke with him on the phone and he is doing great. He wants to visit me in the hospital when I get my transplant. That would be nice. He invited me to the Amyloid support group that they have at Stanford.
It was so wonderful to see and hug my daughters. When you have a round trip ticket, you always know when you are coming home. Being in Rochester without a return itinerary was emotionally hard. Today, I just sit in the backyard and enjoy the view. California is beautiful.

More to come.



Darlene Anderson said...

Welcome home, Kevin; it's wonderful having you back. How reassuring to be able to speak with a patient who has experienced what you're about to live...and a support group too.

I'll bet your girls were just as thrilled as you and Barbie to be together is the best!!

We missed you too and are glad you're back. We love you.

Anonymous said...


I heard about your most recent challenge and wish you the best. I have fond memories of your parents and following you through 3 steps of education.

Rocky Nelson

Unknown said...

Kevin,we continue to follow your progress on the web site and think of you daily. We remain with you in spirit and look forward to a heart healthy future for you and your family. Alan and Deborah Corr.