Sunday, July 27, 2008


This weekend was a much better weekend than last. We rented a car Saturday morning and headed out of Rochester to the Mississippi River. We drove north to Lake City and then south along the Mississippi River. The river in this part of the country is quite beautiful and across the river are equally beautiful parts of Wisconsin. We stopped at Great River Bluffs State Park, which a guest told us was " heaven on earth." The landscape was filled with wild flowers, red and white pine, oaks, hickory, maple and walnut trees. The most unique part of the park is the "goat prairie", named because some slopes are so great that only goats could graze it. This park is also home to many wildlife including, 35 known mammal species, 17 kinds of reptiles and amphibians and over 100 kinds of birds. The prairies are home to many of these species and provide food for the hawks, owls, eagles, fox, and coyote.

We also drove into Wisconsin, just to say we did. The part we crossed over wasn't the best part. I'm sure Wisconsin has nice towns, but not this one.

Having a car gave us more freedom - we were glad to not be in our room all weekend. We drove to church and once again were met by extremely friendly people. All willing to help us with whatever we need. We've been invited to dinner 3 times and potluck dessert night. Two people have offered us to stay in their home if we ever need it. And others have offered us rides. Needless to say, we have been taken care of and have added new friends to our circle of friends

They say Minnesota has a code of conduct of being nice and not saying anything bad about anyone. We have seen it - they are genuinely nice.



Anonymous said...

Dr. Anderson, Leave it to you to make to best out of all situations and to teach other's from your experiences. Your saying that you are defined by your services to other people could not possibly speak more truthfully of you.
I know that All Things Are Possible through our God and my prayers are forever with you and Barbie and your family.
Love, Denise H.

Anonymous said...

asmazing journey

Allison said...

Just wanted to drop a note and say hi. We sure think about you guys a ton. It is good to see you get to enjoy a day or two outside of the clinic. Caitlin dropped by ysterday for an egg and I was glad I was that neighbor she knew she could come to. Just wanted to let you know your in our thoughs and prayers.

Darlene Anderson said...

I've decided to pack my bags and move to Minnesota; I'd like to live where there is a code of kindness.

This has been a very long day waiting for word....I hope you know our hearts and prayers have been with you.

We love you.

Jed and Cindy said...

So glad you were able to get out and do something fun this past weekend. Doing something "normal" can significantly lift your spirits. Wisconsin's only claim to fame is cheese...right?! :) Caitlin is coming over tomorrow to swim and "hang out" with Kelsey. She seems to be keeping herself busy. We love you!

Jed and Cindy