Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Day Tommorow

We arrived safely and are getting settled.  It seems this will be home for awhile.  We have a small kitchen,  free wireless internet, a gym, and other emenities that will be helpful.  

How to pack for the unknown is not easy.  Our suitcases were heavy with books, electronics and all their cables!  I even packed some protein shakes and bars.  Who knows when I'll get to eat?  
I had a hard time leaving this morning.  I kissed Rebecca and Caitlin goodbye and held back my tears.  I will miss them.  But, I know they are in good hands with grandmas and aunts near by and might I add, lots of friends who check in and friends to keep Caitlin busy.  My sister is at the house now and my mom comes in Friday morning.  What a blessing to have a loving family!  So many have asked how they can help and truly, I wish I knew.

Tomorrow is Kevin's day to continue as a patient of more"pokes and prodding".  This time at the Mayo Clinic.  I can't remember how many specialist he is seeing tomorrow, but it's more than three.  I've been reading up on what to expect from a heart transplant but I'm not so up on the newest treatmenta for AL amyloidosis.  We've been told different things.  So tomorrow is a new day of learning more.  I'm holding up quite well.  I'm kind of surprised.  I didn't know I had this in me.  I'm not in denial; I know it's just the beginning :)  


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