Sunday, July 20, 2008

A very long weekend

We had been so busy since we arrived here that we hadn't had time to stop and think about what just happened to us and our family.  I had way too much time this weekend to reflect on the past couple of weeks and the future here at Mayo (or "the clinic", as the locals refer to it.) Though it was good for Kevin to have a few days to recover and get rest.

I try really hard to to stay in the "here and now" and not spend too much time thinking about those things that make me sad.  When I do, I cry a little and then go for a long walk on the treadmill down stairs.  It helped at 5am this morning, as I knew it would.  

We were picked up for church by a member of the ward.  They were all amazingly friendly, offering dinners, rides, their homes and more.  The ward is made up of people who are employed at the clinic - doctors, nurses, techs, volunteers, interns, fellows, and residents.  Many of them seem to know what amyloid is and have seen it before.  That we are grateful for - it reminds us that we are in the right place.  We met the fellow that is training to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon.  He is the one who retrieves the heart and brings it back to Mayo and on the side, he teaches Gospel Doctrine.  We are pleased we have been met with open arms and by people who are so friendly and giving. 

Things I am grateful for: 
  • Our children are all in a good place in their lives.
  • My girls are being cared for (even though Rebecca is an adult - it's good to have grandma around).
  • Friends and family at home who are concerned for us and for our children.
  • Friends from all over that have contacted us and sent their love.
  • A treadmill in the building.
  • A beautiful fountain outside the Mayo that allows me to relax. (There is something about water.)
  • Modern technology that allows us to communicate and feel connected.  
  • The "Clinic"
  • Kevin


Darlene Anderson said...

It's good to hear from you Barbie; I check your website every morning in hope of an update. I'm so glad to hear of the support you're receiving from the ward and what a comfort to know so many of the caretakers are LDS. Even though you and Kevin are in another state, you're really not so far away. We are praying for you, thinking of you and sending our love your way. It's beautiful to see the love so many people have for your family.

Darlene said...

It is great to hear that the Ward is treating you well. You are both in all of our prayers. Erik goes in for surgury on Wednesday.

Keep up the good effort and let the power of faith heal your hearts, your minds, and your emotions.

Our Heavenly Father has a plan, and it sure would be nice if he delayed it a bit for Kevin.

Mindy said...

This is from Sara...I will type her exact words.

Dear Uncle Kevin,

I hope you get better! I wish I could be there with you, I miss you SO much! We remember you in our prayers. See ya later alligator! Sincerely, Sara Linderman

P.S. Ryan sends hugs, kisses and says hi.

Barbie said...

Darlene, Harold, and Sara,

Thank you for your loving words of support. Technology and the church community makes our stay here much easier. And Sara, Kevin thanks you for your prayers too. Give Ryan a hug and kiss.

After while crocodile!

Barbie and Kevin