Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let the testing begin

Mayo clinic is quite a place. One might call it an assembly line given how efficient the process is, however, that would not do it justice since everyone is so nice and personable. The facilities are beautiful. The day began at 6:30 AM in the lab and then the ECG followed. Four men or women at a time a called up and sent to gender specific hallways where you remove your shirt and wait in a cubicle made of fine cherry wood. Then you all cross the hall as you would at Disneyland to get on a virtual reality ride. The test is done, efficiently, and you move on to the next station on your pre-printed agenda; Chest X-Ray, Exercise tolerance O2 consumption test, Echocardiogram, back to the lab and then back to X-ray.
This morning, we did meet with Dr Clavell, the transplant surgeon to discuss my options. He is very nice. He described a week more of work-up (the itinerary is exhausting) and then my case will be presented at their committee to decide if I have a heart transplant first or begin with a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant.
Being a patient here is like a full-time job.


Darlene Anderson said...

Good grief, I'm tired just reading about your schedule; I hope you sleep well tonight. What a full week; I'm glad they're thorough and are taking good care of you.

You and Barbie are in our prayers.

Emma and Dan said...

That does sound exhausting, but I am glad that Mayo is thorough and grateful that you are there working with some truly great doctors - just don't let any new interns have a go. :)
I am so glad that you are making an effort to keep us updated on everything. We love you very much and are, of course, keeping you both (and the kids) in our thoughts and prayers all day long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin and Barbie,
I'm Deb, Char's sister, and I just want you to know that I have added you and your family to our daily prayers. We are sending many positive thoughts to you and your family. Leslie told us about your challenges that lie ahead, and we are confident that you have landed in the right place being up at Mayo's. Stay positive.