Friday, July 18, 2008


Some of you have asked for our address, here goes:

Residence Inn by Marriott
Rochester Mayo Clinic Area
c/o Kevin (or Barbie) Anderson #514
441 West Center Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901

If you want our cell numbers, email us and we will email you with that information.



Unknown said...

hi, how are you. This my be one of many post or your first one. I'm learning how all this works. Maybe I will be texting by the time you get home. Anyways I have sent you about 4 comment but I don't think you have gotten any of them. I hope today was good. How was Batman I'm sure you have already seen it. This was the first week for football. Jack and Ty know want to play. So starting this Monday we will have all four boys playing. That means for 10 weekends we will be at the football feild 7am to 7pm what a blast. Ty will be so much fun to watch. If you have already read this 4 times I'm sorry. Take care love ya Maria

Barbie said...

We only received one - so don't be worried. Batman was intense and if you like intense then you'll love this movie. Have fun with football and if your boys are too tired to take care of the lawn, I can easily find someone else.

Luv ya,

Allison said...

I hope you got your package we sent. Let us know if you didn't. We weren't sure how quick it needed to get there, so it went 2 day. Not that what I went through was of any comparison, but I have spent many days and hours at Mayo (In Arizona) and it is truly a machine. The appointment scheduling is tiring, but they are thorough. I remember looking at that piece of paper they give you, like your class schedule, and thinking I wasn't sure I could do all those appointments in one day. He is with the best of the best as you know. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.