Monday, July 28, 2008

We're coming home

We met with the oncologist and the transplant cardiologist today. We received good news from both. The oncologist informed us that the plasma cell count in my bone marrow was very low and slow growing. This means that the Amyloidosis is relatively less aggressive. Then the transplant cardiologist informed us that we were accepted to the Mayo Clinic heart transplant program and will officially be listed tomorrow. In addition, he wants to have me listed at Stanford for a heart transplant since their waiting list is shorter. He called the transplant team there and they will present my case on Friday at their selection committee meeting.
Barbie and I will fly home tomorrow.
We are so grateful to everyone for their thoughts and prayers on our behalf. We are also grateful for the excellent care extended to us by all of the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff, both here and at Kaiser.
We are also very appreciative to the members of the Rochester 3rd Ward for making us feel at home while we were away from home.


To prove to some of you that we haven't just vacationing here in Rochester, I have included a picture of me with Dr Edwards.


Mindy said...

Great news! Congratulations on being able to go home! We'll keep praying that Stanford will list you as well. How can they not? We love you and are very grateful for good news. Kevin, Megan has her special unicorn on her pillow to remind her of you. She still remembers the story of how she earned it.

Anonymous said...

That is great news. Have a safe trip home.

rachelle said...

Wonderful news. We are glad you are heading home. We are glad especially to hear good news about the bone marrow, the slow growth should give you more time to prepare for and go through the heart transplant, or so it seems.

See you soon!

Daren and Rachelle

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! So glad to hear you are headed home and can hopefully enjoy all of Sam and Michelle's wedding festivities. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We pray each day that all will be well with Kevin and the entire Anderson family and it sounds like you are off to a good start. - Mary

Anonymous said...


Emma and Dan said...

YAY! That is the post that we were hoping and praying to see! I'm so grateful that you get to be back home with the girls and that you will be able to be on two lists. (How would that work by the way if you came up first on the Mayo list, but were in CA?)
You are both such examples to us all and I am super glad that you are being rewarded for it. :)

Anonymous said...

What exciting news! It is such a relief to know you made the transplant list. Now on to the next set of hurdles!
Kevin y Barbie, nos inspiran con su manera de enfrentarse a esta situacion. Siguen echando las ganas y gracias por sus ejemplos.
Con amor,
Dan Dison