Monday, July 21, 2008

The building in the back behind me is one of the many buildings of the Mayo Clinic.
Fortunately, we do have a small kitchen to prepare our low salt meals.
Barbie is grateful for cell phones and the internet so that we don't feel so alone here. Here we are sitting outside Mac's Cafe, one of many Greek restaurants (they make a great Gyros)


Brooke Trogdon said...

You guys look great! Your temporary home looks very nice! We're always thinking of you and we love to have updates on what's going on. Thank you.

dboat said...

Just thinking about both of you, as I do everyday. I hope all is well. Have you found a good Thai restaurant yet? Becca is doing well so far. I don't think she likes blood though, but she will get used to it. Love Don.

Anonymous said...

Char and i read bothof your notes and cried> It is so moving to hear the strength and concern in your words. I too always the eternal optimist know you can get through this obstacle. Let us know when your ready for visitors leslie and char

Guy and Jen said...

You two look like your on vacation! I miss you both sooooo much. This site is great I feel like we get to stay connected in a way that does not exhaust you even more. You are both in my prayers daily.

Becca is great at work but she is no Barbie(I really miss you)! It was odd at first since she is wearing your scrubs, it is like having a part of you there. She is eager to learn like her mother!

Enough about that, I hope that you both get the rest that you need and know that there are so many of us praying for that miracle that will take place. God's hand is in all things and surely he is right on top of this one. I love you both..... Talk to you soon. Jen

kevinandbarbie said...
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Barbie said...

We haven't found Thai food yet. Honestly, we haven't even tried. We mostly eat in our room. By evening time, Kevin is too tired to go out and frankly, so am I.
We look forward to having Thai with you again.