Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Sweetheart

Barbie has been a real sweetheart this week. The heart part being that Valentines Day is Saturday and sweet because she is up to her ears in organic chemistry studying sugars. Ask her about glucose, she can tell you everything you want to know. However, she was disappointed to learn that the consumption of a 'reducing' sugar does not promote weight loss. For homework we have been sampling different compounds containing sucrose and theobromine. Her favorites are Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate and See's Candy dark chocolate walnuts. Hmm, I wonder what I should get her for Valentines Day?
Today we will drive down to LA to go to Disneyland. We need to get away while we can. I am ready for The Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. It was clear that we need to do this now as next week we begin the marathon. Soon I will be the tower of nausea and space mountain will indicate the vacant lot on my scalp ready for hair to move back in.
Generally, I feel great. On a scale from 1-100, where 100 is completely healthy and 1 is dead, I am running between 73 and 84 this week. (This is good, as the 2nd day after velcade and decadron I am usually a 52.)
I have had numerous labs and studies in preparation for the BMT. Overall, things look good. Even though my circulating kappa light chain levels are still high. The light chain level and protein in the urine has dropped significantly. In addition, the degree of plasma cells and specifically amyloid deposits in my bone marrow has improved. The velcade and decadron must have done some good.
My heart continues beat regularly reminding me every moment how grateful I am for more moments.

Happy Valentines Day; may your heart be full of love and joy.



Wendy said...

Guess what? Lilly is 2 today! Time flies...amen to more moments!

Anonymous said...

Take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can get you on a ride without waiting in line hehehehe
Have a great time!