Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Study and sleep and, oh yes, eat.

Tomorrow is my second Organic Chemistry exam.  I have been crazily studying all day except for the time I spent with Kevin for lunch, a surprise since I didn't think he would be done so soon today.  I feel ready - we'll see.  I felt a little sad when he left Monday morning and I couldn't go with him to his first day of the treatment process.  Fortunately, his mom was available to be with him since the sedation would prevent him from driving.  He is alone now but I will join him tomorrow after my exam.  It's not until the afternoon so I will get there as soon as I can.  

As much as I could do without all the necessary studying, I really am enjoying all that I am learning in O-Chem.  The class is so time consuming that my Nutrition class seems so easy.   I do count down the weeks when my time can be more focused on Kevin, and my children (even married ones) and my house (it's getting a little disorganized).   Oh, well.  A few piles never hurt anyone, right?



Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your test, dear Barbie. Knowing you, you'll make sure you do well! It sounds like Kevin is getting extra-concientious care, for which I'm thankful. (Even waiting hours in a 'waiting room' is knowing medical assistance is available if needed.)
Question: Who is Elena? I just saw the photo of the multi-generational beautiful Dison smiles I love to see. Elena reminds me of how Daniel looked at that age. Brought back a heartful of love for you all. love, Aunt Renie

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exam.

Anonymous said...

a few piles are fine for now!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe dont stress on the small stuff, they will be there later hehehe