Wednesday, February 18, 2009

laugh out loud

O.K. so now I am a little shy at all the attention I got from my last entry.  Never meant to sound so deep, but sometimes it just comes out.  Thank you for the good wishes, the uplifting comments and the joke.  (Keep them coming, Brian!).  They make me smile and lol.  I used to think that meant 'lots of love' when I first started texting my girls.  They could never figure out why I was lol'ing' at the end of every entry.  We had a good laugh when they told me that it meant 'laugh out loud'.  The only joke I know and sometimes mess up is the one I learned when I was pregnant with Jeremy and Samuel.  It goes like this.  

What did the mexican fireman name his twin boys?  

Jose and Hose B.  

I bet you wonder how I could mess that up, but I do.  

We're gearing up emotionally and logistically for next week.  It's all going to be fine.  My next exam in Organic Chem is one week away.  Ugh...there is so much to remember!!!
I felt a little guilty last night that I wasn't going with Kevin today to Stanford for an appointment and Hickman Catheter care class  I only felt guilty until I stepped into Nutrition and Chem and quickly moved into student mode where the outside world shuts off for the day.  Monday Kevin will leave on his own for Stanford and I will join him on Wednesday night or Thurs morning.  He'll be in a hotel during the Neupogen in Apheresis stage (monday - friday) and then he will be admitted on Friday night for stem cell collection. 

Kevin keeps me going...there isn't anything he doesn't think I can do.  


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