Friday, February 27, 2009

Collection day

I arrived Wednesday night around 8:30 pm.  Kevin and I were glad to see each other, but walking into another Residence Inn brought back a flood of memories.  We stayed at the Residence Inn in Rochester and the Residence Inn in Santa Clara.  Not all the good memories came back, those ones are always with me.  But the ones you put way back in your mind; the ones you prefer to forget.  Yesterday was a harder day for me.  To be in the hotel again and think about what is to come.  I felt much better after giving myself a little time to process the next few months.  I enjoyed our walk in the sequoias and today while waiting for Kevin's room we walked around the Stanford campus.  They have a beautiful collection of Rodin in an outside courtyard and a gorgeous campus.  Around 2 pm the room was ready and after some time, Kevin was hooked up and ready for collection. 

While he read and napped I worked on my term paper for organic chemistry.  It seems appropriate that my topic is "Amyloidosis - the misfolded protein with heart involvement."  It's kind of strange for Kevin and I to discuss it as a disease not related to us personally.  And then we stop and are aware again of the closeness of it all.  

I arrived in the hotel room tonight and will be here again tomorrow night.  Just as I was leaving Kevin's room the nurse came in and stated that not enough stem cells were collected so they will be collecting again tomorrow.  Hopefully we will be able to leave Sunday morning.  

My bedtime reading tonight: Autogolous Blood and Marrow Transplant Guidebook.  


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