Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 2

Day-13 Health Score 80

The collection yesterday harvested about 1.1 million stem cells. Their goal is 5 million. I was on the machine again today for 4 hours and will have another collection tomorrow. Hopefully the last. It did give me a chance to re-read one of my favorite books, "The Ministry of Fear" by Graham Greene. It is a great psychological thriller. Graham Greene also wrote the screenplay for "The Third Man", a 'must see' post world war II thriller with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles.
I am always impressed by writers that have the narrative ability to paint a scene or a mood that makes you feel like you are actually there. You can really feel the surreal grittiness of war-torn London during the Blitzkrieg with the same uncertainty that the author must have felt with no knowledge of how the war would end. Writing a story, not knowing how it will end, lends it a certain aire of authenticity.

It will be good to go home tomorrow.


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