Friday, November 27, 2009

28th Annual International Barbie Dison Day

Barbie and I dated for only three weeks in August of 1981 before she left for Ricks College (Now BYU, Idaho) in Rexburg, Idaho. Our courtship then occurred mostly through written correspondence. (Yes, real live letters requiring postage stamps) The first time I would see her in three month would be Thanksgiving. So in an effort to justify spending the entire Friday with her I wrote the following story of "International Barbie Dison Day." We have been celebrating this personal holiday now for 28 years.

The Legend of International Barbie Dison Day

Once upon a time in a land where the oaks were fair there was a province called Cordova. Every year the people of the land would have a great feast on Thanksgiving day and, as was customary, they would also take off the following Friday to relax and digest there food. Everyone knew what a 'drag' it was to go to work that following Friday and hoped they would never have to.
There was in the land a king who was a very austere and tight man. As a matter of fact, many gave him the nickname of "King Scrooge". Well, old King Scrooge decided that it was a great waste of time for all of his subjects to loaf around that one Friday of the year if they were not celebrating something, so he decided to put an end to it, unless the people could find a good reason for celebrating.
Well this created no small stir among the people. What were they going to do? If they couldn't come up with a good reason for celebrating the forth Friday of November they would lose it forever. The elders of the town decided to hold an emergency council to see what could be done. They put their heads together and came up with numerous ideas such as National Digital Watch Day, Ground Squirrel Day, Opening Day for the Zebra Rodeo, etc … none of which seemed a feasible reason for celebration. They were stumped.
Just when they were about to give up a young lad named Ray ran into their chambers and exclaimed, "I have the answer!" Immediately the room was silent and all eyes were focused upon Ray. The chief elder broke the silence and asked, "What is the answer, pray tell?"
"Come with me and you'll see," was his reply.
Little Ray then took the council to a beautiful field near the edge of town. When all of the sudden he stopped a whispered, "Listen."
As they listened they could hear a beautiful sound. It was the singing of a young girl. The elders turned to see where it was coming from and as they did they saw a lovely young girl of pure countenance. Suddenly she felt their presence and stopped her singing as she turned to see who was there. The chief elder then came up to her and asked,
"What is your name?"
"Barbie," she replied,” Barbie Dison." Then the chief elder had an idea.
"Come with us”, he asked.
She innocently followed them as they took her to see the mean ol king Scrooge.
When they arrived at the palace, immediately the chief elder told Barbie to sing once again her beautiful song. As the strains broke the silence and floated up through the castle windows a strange sensation came over the king. He immediately went to his window to see what it was. As he did he saw that it was this fair lass, Barbie Dison, who had created such a wonderful noise which miraculously made him feel mellow. He then declared in a loud voice,

"From this day forth, the province of Cordova will recognize the forth Friday of November (for that's the day that this all occurred) as International Barbie Dison Day to commemorate all the happiness which she has brought into the world.

Then all at once the people cheered for they would continue to have the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday. And they all lived happily ever after.
As told to Kevin Anderson by Ray - November 24, 1981


Felisha Coltrin said...

You left out the cookies in front of the fire!! Thats my favorite part!! Happy belated Barbie Dison Day!!

Aunt Renie said...

I hope you had a lovely International Barbie Dison Day! I can imagine you riding your scooters in the beautiful California breeze....