Monday, November 2, 2009

Warm November Day

Not much to report. Other than the expected ups and downs from my chemo drugs, life is getting somewhat routine. Isn't that cool. Speaking of cool, it is way to hot for November. It is 76 degrees outside today. I think I'll go for a scooter ride. Barbie took a break from studying anatomy today so that we could go out to lunch. We ate at Crush 29 which is a half mile from my office. The food was quite good. I am a big risotto fan and the seafood risotto special was to-die-for. I am considering dropping my weekly dose of Decadron from 40 mg to 30 mg. I could jump off an 8 foot roof and probably not get hurt. However, a 16 foot drop usually breaks something. That is what I feel like two days after 40 mg. My doctor said there may be no therapeutic difference between the doses, so I might consider a shorter jump.
Jeremy flies to Saint Louis today for an interview at Washington University for medical school. 28 years ago this month, I made the same journey. It was also my first interview. I hope it goes well for him; it is a great medical school. Jeremy knows the place well from when he was six and we lived there when I did my fellowship.
We have come full circle in yet another arena.



carolyn said...

Hello Kevin
Let me introduce myself
I am Tippi's mom, Carolyn
I first started reading your blog as you had a transplant shortly before Tip did and although I know everyone is different, I wanted to know what to expect, things to look for, just anything that I thought might be helpful in her recovery.
I continue to follow your blog because your words move me
I feel like I know you even tho we have never met I feel like we are friends
I am so happy you are back to work
and living a happy and fulfilling life
Tip celebrated her year, and is doing so great We are in touch with the donor's family
Unfortunately her FA is progressing
and her mobility is decreasing, but she is alive and possibly has a chance for treatment or cure when found!
Please continue on with your encourageing words and beautiful stories
Just reading all you have to say gives me a feeling of peace
My prayers are with your family and Debbie's as I follow her too
just know Tip loves you both and I also have strong feelings for each of you

Unknown said...

Dr Kevin,

Glad to hear life is normal once again.

Congrats to your son. From a father's vantage point it has to make you happy to see him take this path. I hope he gets a chance to interview at Case Western Reserve Medical School ~ it's an awesome facility. (I say that with a biased viewpoint, LOL)

Be well, DAP

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, thanks so much for the support. You are always in my thoughts and especially my prayers. we are in this together! I know what you mean by the normal routine. It feels good to be in that space after a year of what we have gone through. I just hope our future continues to be this boring, HA HA! I will see you next week for your big presentation and what was that subject - SE_. Say hi to Barbie and I'll see you next week. Oh I'm bringing Tippi too! love, Debbie