Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow in Lincoln

It never snows here, well, let me rephrase; it almost never snows here. Yet today we woke up to a view that we didn't expect. The entire neighborhood covered in white. Californians that live below 1000 feet react as if it were an alien invasion when this happens. The rest of the country yawns and pull out the snow shovels. The media sends out troops of reporters to stand in the middle of the street in various towns to say, 'Yes, there is snow in Lincoln, or Granite Bay, or Rocklin.

I must say, it made me very nostalgic. I love the snow, always have, because I am a California boy and grew up in its absence. Driving to work through my neighborhood felt surreal as the gray-white mist diffused and unfocused the view of all the lawns and roofs as they blended into the sky beyond. It felt like, for a moment, I was back in New England. I loved it.

Years will pass before we see this again, it is its rarity that makes it fun. I know that those of you that reside in Colorado, Alaska or Connecticut, wryly smile and consider us silly at such glee in something that just annoys so many others, but it is the simple unexpected pleasures that make life fun, like opening an unexpected gift on Christmas morning. Don't worry, soon we will go back to our perfectly boring California warm weather.



Unknown said...

Oh my!!

In Ohio, we get a lot of snow and have only had a few flurries this "season" ..... but, I am sure we will catch up and get back to "normal" here very soon.

Be well & God Bless

Wendy said...


carolyn said...

We too were blessed with a breathtaking view of Mt Diablo and surrounding foothills covered in snow. Not so unusal for Mt Diablo, but a first for us with the foothills.