Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chistmas Carols

I love Christmas music. I miss caroling in Connecticut with friends when it was 5 degrees outside. We would go with our friends, the Smiths (Michael and Mary Jane had wonderful voices). Tromping through the snow we would find neighbors at home and then harmonise carols. Wassail would be waiting when we were done.
Tonight we attended the Youth Christmas Concert at church where Caitlin, in addition to being part of the choir and two other groups, had a solo as well. I have always been partial to altos and Caitlin sings like her mother, in that pure alto tone. She did a wonderful job. The crowd was large so we had to sit in the back. A family sat next to us that I did not recognize. Their four children were very well behaved so afterward I commented on such, knowing that parents like to hear that kind of feedback. We visited for a minute and I asked if he was there to see someone in the choir. He responded that he came to support a student in his history class, Caitlin Anderson. As a beaming father I blurted out, "Caitlin is my daughter." How wonderful it is to have a high school teacher that supports his students like that. He told me what a great student she was and I readily agreed.
Soon our other children will be home and we will have one soprano, two altos, one tenor and two baritones. It's time to sing.



Anonymous said...


You are blessed!! Glad to hear and see you are doing well. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Alexandria said...


I was thinking about your marshmallow fetish a few years back. I saw this recipe and thought of you. Even though it might not be covered in caramel, chocolate and coconut, I thought you might be interested :)

Unknown said...

Dear Kevin and Barbie,
So many of your family arriving for Christmas...and all singing together, what joy!! I just finished with my choir Christmas performances this last week. It is so wonderful to put many, many hours of work into it and then have people so appreciate it. One member of the audience took my hand and said, "bless you, what a piece of heaven that was!" how can you top that? what a joy to share our gift of music. What would life be without it?
I hope you have a truly blessed Christmas with all your dear ones and sing with all your "new" heart!

Anonymous said...

How I wish we could sing carols together again! I love and miss you both! (Especially singing with you) Happy New Year! Mary Jane